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Members of a women’s organization were recently given a “compass course challenge” to find a small and simple thing that they were led to do and then write down how the experience made them feel. Here are some of their stories:

    • Ginger – A woman that I don’t know well volunteers as my son’s Cub Scout leader. One day she sent a text to all the parents explaining she was cancelling scouts due to a family emergency. Normally, I would have just read it and adjusted my day, but that day I had prayed to see opportunities for small ways God could use me. I immediately contacted her and asked if she needed anything. She explained the situation. I offered to help with her kids when they got out of school or to take dinner to her home. She said she and her husband had it under control. I texted that I just wanted her to know that people care about her and she isn’t alone. Her next text indicated that that was the most important message she needed to hear. It turns out texting was the super small and simple thing that was needed right then.
    • Brittany – I got the chance to go paint a friend’s toenails and get her a backscratcher and a sleeping mask while she was in the hospital. I was looking to find other things at the dollar store and was guided to look in that section. Having my appendix out not so long ago helped me know what she might need. I felt guided all through the experience helping me serve her. It was wonderful!
    • Eryn – I knew I needed to offer a ride to a woman who was coming to a meeting for the first time and said she would meet us there. For a second, I thought, “No, she said she was coming. She doesn’t need a ride.” But the prompting came again, “Offer Jenette a ride.”  When I found her, she gladly got in the car. She said she has no car and a bad foot and was worried that she would be late. She would have made it, but the Lord knew she could really use some help. I was grateful for the opportunity to help the Lord bless Jenette.
    • Sally – My husband and I were busy with renovations on our new home. We were invited to a wedding reception earlier and decided we were too busy to attend. I got a call the morning of the wedding asking if we were coming. I intended to tell her no, but felt an impression we should go. We arrived to find that they needed a lot of help with the set up and meal for 150 guests. We played a big role in helping them pull off this big task. My friend was grateful, and it has really strengthened our relationship.
    • Megan – I felt impressed that small and simple things have a profound impact on relationships, and what more important relationships are there than family? So, I started making more effort to do small and simple things at home for my husband and children. It was great to see how such seemingly small things could have such a big impact on the flow of our day… it was almost magic how grumpy moods would lighten or usual fights would be evaded. Did it make us the perfect family? No, it didn’t, but it certainly helped us invite the Spirit into our home more.
    • Carleen – When I really worked at knowing how to help, I received lots of direction. I wrote to senators and representatives soliciting support for a friend who was wrongfully incarcerated, took a friend to lunch before a worrisome surgery, took a picture of Christ to a woman who was struggling with her faith, and worked in a neighbor’s yard. I felt inspired to do these things, and because I followed the promptings of the Holy Spirit, my spirit was lifted, and I felt closer to those I served.
    • Stacie – My second-grader expressed some deep concerns she was having about school. She specifically expressed having a difficult time at lunch. I was happy she confided in me and wanted her to know that her worries are my worries, too! The next day, I arranged my schedule to surprise her by having lunch with her in the school cafeteria. When I saw the look on her face when she walked in and saw me, I knew that this simple act was her whole world in that very moment. As she left for recess, I could tell that she felt safe, loved, happy, and that the things she normally worried about at lunch, surely were not a worry that day. It confirmed to me that I can make a difference!  It was good to be reminded that my days are actually filled with the small and simple things. When I take a moment to reflect on my efforts to raise righteous, faithful children, I can see that every kiss, every bike ride together, every wrestling match, every family night has a building and lasting impact that brings about great things!
    • Lisa – I noticed my young, single, mommy neighbor was out on the street working on her car in the sweltering heat. It looked like she was trying to change her tire or brakes, or both. Of course, I have ZERO car fixing talent, but I certainly know and love someone who is pretty much pro, so I disrupted my mechanic husband and asked him if he’d like to go minister with me.  I took her some veggies as well. Derek took a look at her car. He ended up taking the car into his shop to do work she would have NEVER been able to do herself out on the street (even if YouTube walks you through it) which included repairing some broken tire studs and mounting new tires on her rims for her without charging her anything. MY part in this small and simple act was just that – small and simple.  I, myself, didn’t do anything great except to notice something going on around me and then direct my hubby to do the brunt of the work. Nevertheless, I felt happy and excited to do something that was small on our part, but hopefully helped her out in a big way.