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Category: Feminine Nature

Synergistic Sound – Creating Music That Moves

April 29, 2024

Have you ever attended a live musical performance where the sound is the focus? No hollering crowd, no enthusiastic karaoke participants, just the pure harmonies of voices or instruments that seem to swallow your soul. The kind where the vibrations of the sound penetrate to the bones and move you. Have you ever felt emotionally impacted by what is created, whether by melody or message? 

I have the honor of participating in a Christian community choir, The Minnesota Saints Chorale. Every Easter season the Chorale performs The Lamb of God, an oratorio that tells the Easter Story of Christ’s resurrection. It is a moving depiction that includes multiple soloists, a full orchestra, and musical arrangements that move the listener in the ways I have mentioned. It’s that very movement that thrills me to be a part of. 

This year, our director asked that we memorize a few of the pieces from the oratorio. We were intimidated by the prospect because of the complexity of the pieces musically, but it allowed us to be “out of our music” and more expressive visually and vocally. The real magic of it was in the fact that it also led to a much more powerful interchange between the choir, the director and the audience. As a result, this year’s performance was the best one yet! 

Photo credit: David Beale via Unsplash

Audience members were leaving with smiles, enthusiasm, and tear-streaked faces, clearly moved by what they heard. But it was more than just memorizing the music that did the trick. It was the unification of voices, each one uniquely engaged. Every instrument attuned to the whole. Every eye on the director whose heart was poured into the work. From that unity came an energy. That energy then poured off the stage and washed over a filled concert hall, wrapping each observer with its power. That wave then returned to the stage, feeding the energy of the performers. There is really no way to describe it in a way that is felt, without experiencing it first hand. The best way to describe it is a synergy of sound and spirit. Every individual contributed to what was created and was fed by the other. Add the message of hope in Christ’s resurrection and it was purely a masterpiece of joy. 

But consider where else can this kind of creative synergy happen… Can it be experienced within a unified community? A committed marriage? A collective of service and faith? Absolutely! With a shared heart and purpose, this synergy can be found all over. We can all be creators of a synergistic spirit, creators of our own kinds of music that moves hearts, heals souls, and lifts hands. Find where your ‘voice’ is needed and offer your heart. 

Lead photo credit: Larisa Birta via Unsplash