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In the last year or so, my husband has been striving to minimize his possessions. Inspired by those who do the same, he realized how much he could benefit from reducing clutter and unnecessary items building up in our home. While I was slower to get on board, I have since started to see the wisdom in his actions. 

Initially, I was hesitant to let things go. I tend to be very sentimental about things that I acquire, so the idea of reducing my possessions made me resist. As we packed for a move, however, I was forced to look through all of my belongings as I packed. I realized that, although I had saved many things over the years, they had not been holding value in my life. Most of the sentimental items had been placed in a box for years, never being seen. What purpose did they serve? At this point, they were merely filling boxes, which filled my home with clutter.

Image Credit: Pexels

I decided it was time to let go of many of the saved items. Rather than simply throwing everything out, I took pictures of those that served to remind me of happy memories. I tried on clothing that had been stored and donated it to a local charity. I read through old letters and filed away those that brought me strength and happiness, and discarded the extras.

As I lowered my amount of possessions, I was struck by a feeling of abundance. I felt a weight lift, knowing that the clutter in the corners of my closet no longer plagued me, leaving me with an abundance of space (both physically and mentally). Once the move was completed and everything was in its place (which, admittedly, took a fair amount of time), I felt my financial situation had improved to an extent. The move had led me to take an inventory of everything I owned, and doing so reduced the amount of duplicate purchases I made. 

Now that we have been settled for a while, the clutter is naturally starting to build up again. With three young children, we find ourselves constantly trying to keep up with tidying! My husband, more seasoned in his minimization journey, encourages us still to reduce our possessions. We try to teach our children the benefits that this can bring. While it’s still difficult for the children, they see the joy in giving some of their old baby toys to younger cousins or children in need. They also love the additional time they gain when there are fewer toys to clean! 

Image Credit: Pexels

Overall my journey to reduce my amount of physical possessions has been a slow one, but very rewarding. Fewer physical possessions has led to a smaller mental load, leaving me more time with my family and other responsibilities. I can see the truth in the idea that less is more.

Lead Photo Image Credit: Pixabay