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Category: Women of Wisdom

What I Have Learned from the Women in my Life

August 27, 2020

Women are valuable teachers in society, and are often overlooked. As I reflect on my life, I notice the amazing lessons I have learned from so many women in my life. Here are some of these women, and what they taught me. 

My middle school teacher 

I don’t know how or why, but I became good friends with one of my teachers in middle school. We are still in contact, nearly 15 years later. She always treated me and my friends like equals, and like adults. Through this, she taught me that everyone is worthy of respect, and to treat everyone with respect. Along with that, she is very knowledgeable in the subject she taught–which coincidentally is still one of my favorite subjects. I’m grateful for the knowledge she shared and the support, respect, and kindness she showed me through the years. 

My therapist 

I highly recommend therapy to everyone, regardless of whether or not you have a mental illness. Therapy helps with communication, empathy, understanding, and being grounded. I’ve seen my therapist for five years now, and she has taught me amazing tools to help me deal with depression, anxiety, stress, dating, and more. She has arguably taught me more about how to navigate life than any formal schooling has. 

My maternal grandmother

Anyone who knew my grandmother knew she was the most charitable, loving, and kind woman out there. I was able to grow up living close to her, and considered her not just a grandmother, but also a close friend. I admired her overall kindness, patience, and the love she had for everyone. She was a fantastic example of accepting people and loving them for who they are. 

She also taught me some practical life lessons as well. I would visit her at least twice a week, where she would teach me to make sweets such as cheesecake, fudge, caramel, and more. I’m forever grateful for the memories I have with her. 

My paternal grandmother

My other grandmother was an equally amazing woman who I also looked up to with much love and admiration. As a single mother of six kids, she was strong, a fighter, and had an unbending relationship with God. She had more than her fair share of trials in her life, and she always faced them head on and with strength. I never saw her once express discouragement or anger for what life dealt her. I’m sure she did feel anger and discouragement–it’s a normal, human emotion–but she showed me true resilience and the meaning of never giving up. I am honored to call her my grandma. 

My sisters

I am very, very, blessed when it comes to my sisters. They have been a constant source of support, love, and humor. I consider that a rare gift, and I am very happy to have them in my life. They have taught me strength, love, humor, support, empathy, and more. I have also gotten more of an insight into motherhood and what it’s like to raise a human from birth as I’ve watched them become wives and mothers. It’s been a blessing to watch and learn from them. 

My mother 

The three words I would use to describe my mother would be strength, knowledge, and humor. My mother has not been dealt an easy hand in life and would have had every excuse to be bitter with life and sell herself short. She has done far from that. She has pushed through the hardships life has thrown her and has excelled in life. Not only that, she has taught me many life basics that have definitely helped me be where I am today. I can say confidently that I would not have been able to make it through high school without her. She has also taught me the value of humor, and how to laugh and help others laugh. I feel very lucky to have her in my life as a teacher and mother. 

As I composed this list, so many more women came to my mind, but if I wrote down every single one, it would easily be 20 pages long. I encourage you to reach out to a woman who has greatly influenced your life, and thank her for all she has taught you. I know I will.