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Global sisterhood! What a powerful influential opportunity we have to join hearts and hands to lift each other up and to inspire the world around us.  What a grand chance to weave a bright and vibrant royal tapestry with the most beautiful and precious threads.  

Our cottages around the world are filled with bountiful beauty because we each share a desire to serve each other.  We are learning and applying the values inspired by the monthly tenets, and we are blessing others with these efforts.  What a gorgeous view of goodness you all are! When I read the articles, view the podcasts and videos, and see you at the events, I am humbled and honored to have the privilege of serving along with you.  It is both incredible and inspiring to witness the wonderful partnerships and friendships that are being built, the good works that are being done, and what is being accomplished. 

Today, I’m inviting you to share a moment with an idea that includes all of you. If I were telling this story, you would all be royal queens seated together at a giant gilded round table. This regal round table is filled with abundant beauty and your unique voices!  We are all having lively, intriguing, and productive conversation–perhaps a little like the round table we’re familiar with from King Arthur. However, this round table is crowned with the nobility of delightful elegance that only our divine femininity can bring. Thank you for all that you do and for being who you are!  

Let us come and gather around this round table bearing our intangible good values.  The terminology “intangible” is used because these attributes are not made in a factory or on an assembly line. They are honed on a non-material level with the purpose of being internal tools.  Thus they will remain with us unless we choose to give them away.  For today’s purpose, they are referred to as a treasure chest.  Let’s open our hearts and minds with the precious intangible treasures of trust, honor, respect, humility, creativity, faith and generosity. May the fruit of our time together be abundant with life and positive influence.  

At this royal round table, present circumstances are not a final destination; they are only a starting point.  Let us honor our noble global sisterhood and realize that it doesn’t matter where we are in life or where we come from. We are already enough.  We are ready for a noble journey filled with purpose, and we are grateful to help each other along the way.  

In our noble quest to be a light in this world, “being” always precedes “doing” and we must focus on the goal of goodness at every opportunity.  We each must be the good we desire to see in the world.  This will require us to do more than just climb the mountains that challenge us. It will be necessary to climb those mountains using our intangible treasure chest of good values. 

All around us there is adversity and challenging environments being thrust upon us.  Like sharpened swords, they can cut, injure, and harm the best of us. As queens do, we must heal, mend, repair, and strengthen our queendoms with each assault!  An interesting pattern in every noble quest is the noted and formidable opposition we encounter. We need not let this frighten us or halt our efforts because it is a confirmation that we are indeed on the correct path. If the goodness that we seek was not important, then there would be nothing challenging in the journey to achieve it. 

We can choose to counter our adversaries’ moves by accessing the knowledge and power that is present in our chest of intangible treasures and utilizing those values to strengthen our hearts and minds and those of others.  Our decisions and behaviors are directly affected by our values. So it is vital that we not neglect or take good values for granted.  When goodness is the goal, the values that guide our decisions and behaviors will only be a benefit and will never harm. If we indeed want to lift and build each other up, then we must not give up our good values. Instead, we must fortify them so that we can enrich each other’s lives by generously sharing them. 

A way to ensure that we are being effective in our queenly efforts is to ask two daily questions.  Each morning we should ask ourselves “What good will I do today?”  Each evening we should ask ourselves “What good did I do today?” We should always strive to hold ourselves accountable first. 

As women, we are uniquely designed for our individual and joint purposes by God who is our creator.  How wonderful to be able to invest in our queenly, divine, lovely feminine natures. What an honor to be a light and to be of strength to each other and to the world.   The results of our noble global sisterhood and its round-table efforts can be magnificent, especially if we choose to stay true to our good values. 

Great strategy to significant goodness is to keep the conversation going.  Let’s keep talking and sharing and showing up at our round table of global sisterhood. Where we are today is a direct result from the conversations we have had. Our tomorrows will be the result of the conversations we keep having.  

Sending all love and wishing all a good and joyous journey in our queenly quests!  Be beautiful, be real and bring light!