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Michelle Meline

Michelle Meline is the mother of six children. She has been involved in PTA, Booster Boards for the performing arts, bake sales, little league, girls softball, school plays, and endless hours of homework with her children. She even built a five story pagoda entirely out of food storage... once! Professionally, her adventures have taken her to several industries. She has worked for and assisted firms in Marketing, Advertising, Law, Accounting, Consumer Electronics, Healthcare, Interior Design and Media. She has also served with Interfaith Boards and in the Dept. of Communications as a director of media relations at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Ice cream is a favorite as well as being out in nature. Often you’ll find her writing, baking, singing or dancing in the kitchen and sometimes in the movies and on stage. She hopes everyone will practice peace, choose joy, believe in goodness, never give up and keep being amazing! Favorite words to live by “Be beautiful, Be real and Bring light! These are written on her heart and the bathroom mirror in lipstick!

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