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Whether or not we choose or are able to bear children, each of us is born with the potential to create human life, and this is of monumental importance. We understand the significant responsibilities connected to procreative power. We seek to create a culture where women and girls, as well as men and boys, respect this power with the utmost care and sensitivity. 

There is a great need for honor and responsible behavior on both sides of the procreative process. One side is not better alone. So, to women I plead with you, do not let the lies of modern feminism deceive you. Marriage between a man and a woman is a sacred union ordained and blessed by God. Marriage can be wonderful too, especially when the people involved are honoring that union and seeking to do good for each other. To the men, I plead with you to honor womanhood and realize your immense and essential contribution to provide for and protect that beyond conception. 

The ability to conceive and bear children is a gift and should be cherished and protected in every circumstance. Women are not weaker, because we are endowed by our Heavenly Father to be the stewards of other beautiful souls.  Women are vital and indispensable.  Consider there is not one person that arrived here without a woman’s assistance.  Our efforts are essential and build homes, communities, states, countries, and nations.  You cannot have a world or anything without people, and people come from the sacred union of men and women.  We are essentially the foundation of everything!  

There is a lot to be done to help each other in our chaotic and changing world. However, God has placed in us the abilities to multiply goodness, to seek His blessings and to empower each other too. Babies are a gift; some themes in our day and age are trying to convince people that because this gift comes with responsibility and work that one can just opt out, that babies are not worth keeping or having.  This is deception and is not only counterproductive in preserving economic stability but full of destructive consequences.  

Motherhood is empowering and has brought me closer to God than any other experience. I hope that this ability and power will be considered a great joy everywhere and that our family of humanity will be blessed with this gift as well. 

Ladies and gentlemen, please repeat this month’s tenet with me: “We are empowered by our feminine nature and biology, and we honor our procreative power.”