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Women of Powerful Impact

October 30, 2021

You’ll always notice a certain type of good woman. She’s the one that stands out from the crowd. She’s the one who raises the positive energy in a room without uttering a single word. She’s the one who feels like a warm sunny day even if it’s the middle of winter. She’s the one who is unforgettable. Maybe you won’t know why, but when you see her, you’ll feel safe and protected. This is because to her you are cherished and precious. Kindness falls from her lips while intelligence wields from her eyes. This type of woman is a magnet for strong impact wherever she is needed. We believe in the model of powerful impact. We seek to become an empowered source of strength to our families and community too!

Have you ever noticed that every time good women gather and join hands in a circle the world heals a little more? It’s not a coincidence. It’s divine synergy in beautiful feminine form.

At our recent Big Ocean Women’s summit, I believe this type of woman was every one of you. Beautiful brilliant light shone from your eyes and our hearts connected from every cottage and gathering who participated worldwide. Prayers were said to bless all of our efforts and lives both silently and by invocation. Why you may ask? Because we recognize that we are part of a larger picture and God, our Heavenly Father, is included as a partner in our endeavors.

Good women are timeless and found in every season of life. They are beautiful in spring, summer, fall and the winter of life. Being molded in life by the experiences and knowledge that is part of each individual’s path, has refined and polished each one of us to a luster that is unique and we are all wonderfully made.

The world may never give you enough credit, but it will be at your feet begging you to share what you have and what you know. We live in a time

that is in a famine of values. We are in a daily struggle to enlighten minds and set hearts afire with the goodness that will heal the dry, dusty and barren desert that is being created by those who do not yet appreciate or understand what they have. Much of the gifts and goodwill of this world has been taken for granted.

The need for powerful impact has never been greater than it is right now for women to step up and be the bearers of light and heal this world.

The generations that came before and the generations to come are counting on us to fulfill our divine stewardship’s and protect that which is sacred and precious.

Working and serving together we can be this tour de force. Think about ways we can accomplish this and look for opportunities to plant seeds of goodwill and friendship. Try out a new way of communication and serve a neighbor. Participate in random acts of kindness and share a daily smile. Start a gratitude journal and water your efforts with consistent activities that are focused on being a blessing in someone’s life.

If you feel tired rest, but don’t quit. Your families, communities and wherever you are will feel your inviting influence. The most important thing to remember is that you are never alone. God is with you too! What an incredible thing it is to know that this most powerful being created the universe and thinks you are important and needed too.

May this month be one where we unite in spirit and tune our hearts toward each other and others. May the most beautiful blessings fill our lives and our homes and may we all see the most powerful positive impact as a result of our efforts.

Sending much love and the best of wishes to each of you.