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Speaking Life

March 29, 2022

We live and promote life culture and are stewards over our environment. What a great theme to focus on this month. Each day we are given is a gift from God. What we do with that day is our gift back to God. It’s a wonderful reciprocal, synergistic cycle that brings growth and consequences.

This synergistic cycle promotes a lifelong learning process that can improve each of us individually and collectively on intellectual, moral, spiritual, and physical levels. The requirement is that we must be active participants in our own experiences. We are players on a team that, hopefully, will learn to love each other more like family in the days ahead.

Each one of us was sent here by God with individual talents skills and abilities. These gifts are not given to us by random choice. They are placed in us by God so that we have the abilities to accomplish much good and to protect us in the world that we have been blessed with.

In recent days we’ve seen a lot of destruction, a lot of harm, and a lot of death in our world. Our hearts and souls are aching. So today, I would like to redirect our focus on the idea and practice of speaking life. This will require some reframing of reactive thought into something more productive. Speaking life requires one to put aside selfishness and to include others’ needs and desires in our daily planning. It requires cooperation and the desire to be our best and to build each other up.

An opportunity that comes to mind in this process includes learning the concept of reframing. This method can be described as an energetic switch point in the way we perceive and react to a situation. Just as the switch point does on railroad tracks, we can alter the result or the consequence that we create with our choices.

Today I’ll offer 10 ideas on how we can speak life into someone. They are listed below as suggestions and encouragement.

Tell them how much they mean to you.

Let them know ways in which they bless you. For example: they have a great smile, a generous heart, a positive attitude etc.

See something great in them and let them know.

Compliment them on bright eyes, or gorgeous hair, or anything you see that is beautiful about them.

Pray for them and let them know.

Invite them to go do something special with you and tell them how meaningful it is when you spend time together.

Read an inspiring book together and send positive messages to them about the passages that remind you of them.

Validate feelings and remind them of the bigger picture.

Listen to the internal promptings you receive to call, text, or visit someone.

Serve another without expectations.

Much of what we see going on in our outside world stems from what’s happening on the inside world of each person in our human family. Wouldn’t it be great to encourage positivity and to protect and treat life with respect and the sacred nature in which it was created? Speaking life into each other is a very effective way to encourage and nurture that result.

I don’t think there’s a chapter in any history book that doesn’t include our human family. We must be essential and important enough to preserve. Each day is our opportunity to participate in full partnership and unity in this purpose.

May this month bring healing and blessings. May we find ways to love each other a little deeper, laugh a little more, and speak life with each other. By the way, happiness looks so good on you!! Wishing everyone a wonderful month ahead.