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Discerning Family Capital

July 28, 2022

Donning an apron and hosting a dinner for family and friends is no easy event. It takes careful and timely planning so that each dish is ready on time – warm and inviting to each person waiting. On one such occasion, I had just put the finishing touches on the meal. As I stood stirring the gravy, I realized to my horror that there were lumps starting to form. I only had a few minutes to set everything on the table. What to do? It was then that I grabbed my sieve and started straining the gravy. During this process I was glad that even though the lumps were poured into the sieve, it was only the smooth and perfect gravy that made it through to the gravy boat. I was relieved as I placed the ladle into the savory sauce. The sieve had sorted through the imperfect, resulting in a discernible difference. 

The tool of discernment is just like that sieve. It’s a filter that separates dark, dirty lies from the bright light and liberating truth. Discernment makes the difference between a reckless decision and one that is wise. 

Discernment starts with focusing on intent and asking questions such as: Where will this lead? What will my participation do? Where can I have the biggest impact? What is the impact I want to have? 

We need women with discernment to shape and inspire families. We need women who are willing to shepherd and nurture humanity toward their divine destiny. So please, use discernment concerning your home and family. 

Make the time to hold and teach your children. Share with them your wise understanding and your goodness. Therein lies the most cherished and precious treasure in those moments. Strengthen your relationships with them. Build trust and bridges of communication so that they will turn to you instead of the world for understanding and advice. 

Discerning women with exceeding faith were reserved for today to be a light and advocates for the family. We are not ordinary women and we have been uniquely prepared for our assignments. The women with these qualities are the bright and shining hope in a world that is spinning towards death. 

Women were prepared to be mothers and leaders in families for such a time as this! An outstanding example that comes to mind is Queen Esther. In the Bible, we learn about Esther, a wise and respected woman. She faced great adversity and even death. She was not afraid to reveal her identity. She gathered her court and courage, she partnered with God, and she saved an entire nation. 

Another outstanding woman in the Bible is Ruth. We learn that she labored in the fields in order to provide for her family and her mother-in-law. Even though she was widowed and without adequate support she also prayed for heavenly assistance and exercised her faith. In the end, she was generously blessed because she was obedient to the virtuous laws that allowed her inner strength to grow and her beautiful spirit to prevail.  

What can we learn as modern day Esthers and Ruths? Consider that we all are from the same human family. Consider that the family is of great importance and that every successful nation is built upon this foundation. Consider that each woman is an asset in every household and in every country all over the world. 

Consider that one virtuous discerning woman led by these values can change the world. Let us be that certain type of discerning woman. Then, let us teach our families and our communities these values. When necessary, use words.