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A Woman of Great Faith

December 19, 2023

I had heard Brogan’s name several times before I met her. I heard about her great sense of humor, that she is very musical, and that she is visually impaired. Our first meeting was at a board game activity. She came in with a couple of people I know, and we all spread out to a few small groups, each playing a different game. I chose to sit next to her and play a game called Ludo with her and two others. The game belonged to her and was a tactile version made for the visually impaired.

Have you ever met someone and felt an instant connection, immediately comfortable with them? That’s how I felt when I met Brogan. It was probably because she understood my sense of humor. (Some people don’t.) As I remember it, she was a bit merciless to me during the game. She may remember it differently, of course, but I do know there was much laughter.

Right away, I could tell Brogan has a great outlook on life. She knows how to laugh, how to have fun, how to love, and has an amazing faith in God. She trusts Him. She has retinitis pigmentosa, which will eventually lead to complete loss of sight. She also has a few other conditions, including cataracts, which further contribute to her vision problems. In addition, she has a few other health issues. She adapts as she needs to and just keeps going.

She has a vast background in music. She plays the piano and organ, arranges music, and sings. She accompanies others, has played for many weddings, funerals, and church services for congregations of various churches. She and a group of friends perform an a capella Christmas concert several times each Christmas season. Each year she gathers and arranges new music for it, usually adding in additional parts. After their first performance this year, she confided in me that she had been very concerned about how their group was sounding on a few of the songs during their run-through right before the program. She realized they hadn’t yet offered a prayer. They did so, and she was able to relax because “there’s no point in worrying about it once you’ve turned it over to God.” And the performance was amazing.

I’ve watched Brogan’s faith in God show in her acceptance of others, loving them the way she knows God loves them. She grew up in an abusive environment; and although she didn’t understand why she was being treated that way, she knew it wasn’t right. She determined at age 14 that she would never hit any of her kids, and she never has. Her life has not been easy, with divorces and health issues and typical struggles that life throws our way, but she believes in and trusts in God. When she comes upon a challenge, she does everything she can to solve it; and when she can do no more, she turns it over to God, and in return serves Him the best she can.

I admire the faith that Brogan has. I love that she trusts God so completely. I love that she puts her faith into action by serving others in many ways. I’ve been the recipient of some of that service. May we all develop the faith to trust God and to carry that faith forward in service to others.