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Category: Faith

Currents January 2024

December 19, 2023

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the importance of perspective, how we see things, what we’re looking for, what we see, how we see it, what lens we’re looking through, and what difference our position makes. When I got my son his newest glasses with a prescription change, he exclaimed with happiness that he could read the words on the street signs! As a mother, I cringed to think of how he had been driving with his vision so impaired. When I was flying recently, I looked out the window to see Mount Rainier. I was struck by the thought that if I were standing at the base of the mountain, I would not be able to see the peak because of all of the clouds that would have blocked my vision.

There are things in life that do that, that keep us from seeing clearly. Clouds that block our vision, the wrong prescription in glasses, fog, distance, or even focusing on the wrong thing, can keep us from seeing what is really there. Getting the right prescription in glasses, moving closer, or changing position can literally help us to see better. We can apply these principles in a metaphorical sense as well. Especially as we are at the beginning of a new year, this could be a good time to check in on the lens through which we are looking at life.

This month we have articles from Norma, Kathy, and Katrina focusing on the powerful examples of faithful women. Norma shares about Megan who is going forward in faith as her son faces cancer again. Kathy shares about Brogan who is a great example of optimism and faith in her community in spite of her life’s challenges. Katrina remembers the impact of being included in her mother’s mosaic of faithful women, and shares experiences of faithful women in her life.

Additionally, Micki reflects on feeling her faith grow through experiences of God’s love. Emily focuses on choosing to see light in the world and choosing to believe in God. Kaylee explains how faith and hope are so closely related we may not see the difference. Shelli encourages us to take the time to see the miracles in the small moments of life, and I have recounted some experiences that have reminded me that when I cannot see what lies ahead on the road of life, God does.

I hope you enjoy reading these articles as I have. I hope that you are buoyed in your faith, that you can recognize how your life is impacted by your faith, and choose to focus through that lens as you look to the future.