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When a small one is born and we all look fondly at their sweet face, it’s difficult not to consider the potential contained in that tiny frame. We wonder what kind of life they’ll lead, what kind of impact they’ll make. When does that wonder and awe drift away? When do we forget to be curious? It isn’t when they enter their school years as we occasionally ask them about their interests and ask them what they “want to be” when they grow up. It comes up again with a little more force and urgency as they prepare for college and start to really get serious about occupations and step into adulthood. But right after that it seems that the fizzling out phase begins. We take a step back, give them space and independence to move through life leaving us in a distant supporting role. Perhaps your growing-up experience varied from this over-generalized synopsis, but I find myself wondering even more, when did I stop asking those questions of myself.

What do I want for my future? What lies ahead for me? What is my potential now? What is waiting in the wings? Am I headed in the right direction? 

As women of faith, perhaps those questions are pointed upward. Inward. Perhaps the curiosity was shelved during a phase of dealing with illness, or grief, or the child-rearing years. Perhaps you’re entering the sunset years and you feel that the doors of opportunity are closing. Or perhaps you haven’t asked because you’ve been settled where it feels right, doing what you feel your potential calls you to do. Where do you find yourself now, and are you considering what potential remains for you? 

There is a song I came across a year or two ago that is a favorite to turn to when I feel like I’m falling short. When I feel like I can’t keep up with all that life demands, or when I lose sight of the direction I know I want to go. It’s one of those songs that stirs, and recenters. That awakens and stills and reminds me I can. 

What You Could Do With Me,
by Josh Wright

You took a stone to kill a giant, took a staff to part the sea
And only You could do so much with ordinary things.
You took a slave to tame a lion, took a rock to make a spring
And only You would choose a shepherd boy to be a king.

So, I don’t have to be the strongest, cause You are perfect in my weakness
If you can move a mountain with faith like a mustard seed,
I wonder what you could do with me? 

Isn’t that a beautiful perspective!? God can take the humblest of things and use them for some of His most important work! So consider this your personal cheer session, encouraging you to pause and reflect on what potential is still contained within you. We are all unique, we all bring something unique to our unique circles of influence. As you partner with the Divine and step into the potential that is yours, it can become exactly what you need to fulfill the joy of your creation, your purpose. Step in, dig deep, reach up and shine out! 

Lead photo credit: Jill Sauve via Unsplash