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An Opportunity to Learn and to Share

March 28, 2024

Big Ocean Women attends and presents at the United Nations CSW (Commission on the Status of Women). This two-week conference is always very informative, helping us to better understand the UN 2030 agenda and how strategic plans will be implemented at the most local levels of society – in our cities, municipalities, communities, and even in our homes. Understanding these policies and programs helps us prepare our defense against ideology that threatens our most precious rights and identify and promote those programs and ideas put forward to help families.


Attending such global events also allows us to connect with MANY like-minded women throughout the world, to find opportunities for collaboration as we unitedly stand for faith, family, and motherhood. 


It’s remarkable to witness how many powerful women are recognizing that true power lies within, and that all we have to do is step into our power, and magnify it by actively working toward natural systems to solve the social and economic problems we face in the home, the community, and the world.


We are finding many positive responses to our unique maternal feminist paradigm and models of true empowerment. Here’s the link to this year’s presentation: