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Category: Life Culture

Currents April 2024

March 28, 2024

At Big Ocean Women we live and promote a Life Culture which is a broad and deep and powerful perspective to have. Life is something that we all have in common. We were all born from the womb of a mother, but from there, once we’ve left that first environment, the commonalities for all seem to decrease while the differences increase. The life experience for each individual on earth – all 8 billion of us currently living and 117 billion estimated ever to have lived – is as unique as our fingerprints. Even children born into the same family and raised by the same parents have different experiences. Each unique life is a precious and valuable part of the tapestry that is humanity. Our second environment, the home, can be so dissimilar in so many ways, but we can all work to fill our homes with love and encouragement and watch that care ripple out into our communities and influence the world. We all share a responsibility for our third environment, the world, because the ecology of earth is so interconnected. Learning to live with care, appreciation, and stewardship is rewarding for us as individuals but also helps everyone, even in small ways.

We are blessed this month to have a collection of inspirational perspectives from some of our talented writers. Carolina has provided a short introduction to why Big Ocean Women attends the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women with a link to watch our presentation there. Emily shares the beauty and hope of planting daffodil bulbs and continuing to work with effort even when we cannot control the outcome. Norma gives us a peek into the miracle of life with the birth of her new grandson and the inspiration she felt watching the CSW presentation. Kaylee reminds us of the importance of patience and growth as the best things in life come by degrees, and Shelli tells of a memorable experience that she had as part of her time at the U.N., not in the grand halls or meeting rooms, but in a quiet courtyard.

As different as all of our fingerprints and life experiences are, each individual is valuable, interconnected, important, and full of potential. We all share the responsibility of protecting those who are vulnerable, serving those we can, and loving all within our reach. What will you do to promote Life Culture?