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Margo Watson

Margo Watson is the Director of Outreach Marketing and Fundraising for Big Ocean Women. Her background is quite diverse. She has a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communications and Music. Her dynamic talents led her first to critically acclaimed performances in countless Theater and Concert stages around the country as a soprano soloist and lead actress which included musicals, opera, operetta, orchestral works, comedies, movies, commercials and on-camera TV host. These experiences helped prepare her later as a young widow to work in the fields of in-house public relations and marketing for high tech, retail, medical industries and promotion for celebrities, so she could support her young family. Margo has had extensive experience as an on-camera talent, marketing, advertising, public relations-internal and external, public speaking, production, diverse writing for magazines, commercials, press releases, infomercials, books, press kits, speeches and such. She hopes her skills will be useful to help Big Ocean Women spread their mission of empowering women worldwide, through education, training and support, to recognize their divine worth, abilities and capabilities to change their homes, their communities and the world. Margo has six adult children and 9 grandchildren which are the most precious gifts to her. She also loves her dear husband Jay D Blades, her dog Toby and two horses, Noche and Goldie.

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