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Some of our Utah cottages joined the March for Life at the Utah State Capitol on January 22, 2022 where Nick Vujicic was a keynote speaker.

Margo Watson shares her experience here:

CRISP, INSPIRING, ESSENTIAL.  Three of many words used to describe my experience at the Utah March for Life, January 22nd 11:00 -1:00 at the State Capitol. Crisp, cold, windy weather for a winter morning that, normally would have encouraged me to stay in my warm covers, yet I was impelled to be there.  My presence, though only one, must show my commitment to God and all that might notice, that I honor and respect my natural identity; a biological woman, a mother, a mentor; to support others present who believe like I passionately do: that life in the womb begins at conception and must be honored and protected legally in Utah and throughout the world.   These truths and others are clearly defined in the Big Ocean Women Tenet #5; “We are empowered by our feminine nature and biology and we honor our procreative power” and Tenet #2 “We recognize and follow our intuitive internal compass to speak and act with integrity.”

As I approached the capitol alone, not knowing if I would find friends, I was a bit apprehensive of what I might find there. I prayed that God would be with me in case I was alone, so I would not be alone to face any who may want to bully to seek to politically ridicule these obvious truths.  Gratefully, there were so many that came with signs, chairs, practical wagons bringing children, blankets and positive energy.  All sizes, shapes, nationalities, religions, NPOs, political leaders… all to petition our local and national leaders to honor life and protect the most vulnerable and obliterate the horrific act of abortion and its blight on our nation.  The speakers told of some 63 million babies having been aborted since Roe VS Wade 49 years ago.   Mary Taylor, President of Pro-Life outlined the history of this movement starting with only 50 women showing up at a rally and had us observe how our hearts and collective conscience had brought us together as 1000s here and millions across the country. Since their humble beginnings, Pro-Life now have funds to mobilized heart monitors and ultrasound equipment in vehicles where distraught, abandoned, vulnerable pregnant mothers of all situations can hear their baby’s heartbeat and find answers, hope, support, supplies, protection and acceptance as they move through difficult situations.  Great success is being seen. Their message, with our help collectively to Utah legislatures had been heard and bills are being sponsored to protect the unborn and their mothers.  Fundraising efforts were being matched by an anonymous donor.

Others spoke, yet it was Nick Vujicic, the Australian-American evangelist, born without arms or legs that riveted our attention.  Speaking of his sweet mother that, upon learning of his condition while in the womb, chose life for him. He joked about him being in a better situation than us because at least his hands weren’t cold.  He does laugh but also motivates us to look at our own situation and realize like he did, that our approach to our problems is the only thing that defines us.  We can see the challenge as bad or an opportunity to accept, learn and grow from them.  He speaks all over the world and inspires others to seek God, faith, optimism and the belief that whatever we have to overcome, we can.  God does not make mistakes.  Value life in all its forms.  He chastised Christians who are not stepping up and speaking God’s truths and honoring our divine nature.  We need to remember that this Country, greater than all others, was a gift to us by God and we need to protect it with our voice and actions. 

I was inspired, chilled to the bone in a different way.  The whole event renewed my gratitude for what I had been taught.   I must continue to choose to be grateful for the blessing of being a woman, a mother, a daughter of God and vow to help share, educate, and support others who have never had the gift of being taught that or who have forgotten so they lose their self-worth. 

As we marched around the capitol, I finally caught up with BOW president, mentor and mother, Carolina.  Her whole family were there along with other members.  Of course they would be there.  It’s Big Ocean Women mission, in brief: We Stand, Serve and Inspire together as material feminists to find solutions because of our devotion to faith, family and motherhood.  I felt so grateful to be a small part of such a large effort both at the capitol and with the essential, much needed Big Ocean Women movement.  No amount of covers could have warmed my heart as much as it felt that day being with these great people honoring and speaking out for God’s greatest gift to mother: a child.