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I love the 80’s movie, Short Circuit, wherein military robot Number 5 literally takes on a life of his own when lightning strikes him. He voraciously seeks “input,” hungering for knowledge and wisdom to explore and understand the full meaning of life.  When he accidentally crushes a grasshopper, he vows to never again be a part of “disassembling” life. My most beloved and quoted lines from the movie are, “Number 5 is alive,” and, “I choose life.” They reflect the passion with which Big Ocean Women promote a life culture.  

Our communication team demonstrates this passion to celebrate and preserve life with a smorgasbord of input regarding this month’s tenet, “We live and promote a life culture within the womb, the home, and our ecological environment.” Their offerings run the gamut, reflecting each author’s life experiences. Kathy documents her credentials as a bona fide tree hugger, Shelli takes us on a delightful walk in the rain, Michelle extols the joy of spring, and Norma demonstrates how family stories can preserve a life culture. Pat’s video from our recent CSW Conference is a salute to the value of each global sister’s life, and Lisa introduces us to board member NiCole Hale.