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Celebrate an Empowered You

April 29, 2021

Women are a divine gift in this world.  This month we are celebrating you! Our tenet states that we are empowered by our feminine nature and biology.  I’m inviting you to say that out loud, “We are empowered by our feminine nature and biology.”  Did you feel that surge of positive womanly energy?  I certainly hope so.  

Women have the power to create goodness. Women have the power to shift culture. Women have the power to eradicate unjust standards. Women have ability to give birth to and to nurture life. 

Women are the bearers of femininity. Women are endowed with wonderful attributes and abilities in abundance.  We are indeed a tour de force! So, bring an open heart and mind and by the end of this article perhaps we can all share a smile, straighten our crowns and keep being amazing! 

An empowered woman will determine her self-worth, not by external or material appearance or achievement. She will determine her self-worth on inner virtues and values. Because she does that, her life will reflect limitless light and a spiritual nature.  Her actions and intention are divinely focused on purpose and she will seek to do good all of the days of her life. 

In our ancient teachings when God created woman it states that he saw that she was good.  In the creation story the word “good” is mentioned several times.  I was curious as to why the word good was used and not something like magnificent, or extraordinary. So I looked up the word good. The definition states good means to be 1) Desired or approved of. 2) Having the qualities required for a particular role. 3) That which is morally right. 4) For benefit or advantage. In most contexts, good describes the conduct that should be preferred when there is a choice. It is also considered to be the opposite of evil especially when we study morality, ethics and religion. Further study indicates in the Oxford English Dictionary the word good also means holy. Being a woman carries a grand stewardship. Woman being deemed holy by God also really bears weight, respect, and responsibility.  That’s a wonderful and encouraging stamp of approval from our Heavenly Father who is our creator.  I personally feel he believes in our abilities to accomplish our work and that we are cherished by Him as well. 

This month is a great time to deepen our devotion and personal womanly development.  Our roles are quite diverse in our modern world, but our united purpose in excellence and goodness is timeless.  

There is warmth and generosity in the presence of an empowered woman. Look for her example, be her friend and partner.  Because she will be the one who will raise families, communities, nations and ultimately the people of the world.  

She is you. 

Women are to be celebrated and protected. We are powerful partners in any facet of life. This month celebrate these abundant blessings. Give pause and praise your femininity with holy thanks. Let us work, raise, and love each other in all that we do so that we will become who we are meant to be.  

It’s true that the best curve on a woman is her beautiful smile and the light she brings with her.  So don’t forget to pass some of your beautiful smiles around this month.  You are guaranteed some in return because what you sow you will also reap.  

l’ll go first–now it’s your turn!  Don’t just walk tall with femininity; it’s ok to dance, ladies! Wishing everyone a fabulously feminine empowered month!