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Category: Family Capital

Currents August 2022

July 28, 2022

This month’s tenet is one that every individual can relate to in her own way: “We greatly value the contributing role of families.” Although each family is unique in its situation and trials, we all strive for loving and impactful connections. 

Like most young mothers, I was overwhelmed when I welcomed my first child. How could I possibly meet all of her needs when I felt so unqualified? But already my greatest goal was to help my growing family become a loving and cohesive unit. In this issue, talented women have shared their insights on this same subject– ones that I wish I could share with my former self! 

Norma and Shelli provide beautiful examples of the unique sounds and songs that each family creates. Michelle discusses the value of a discerning woman in the family, and Paige relates the beauty and struggle of a garden to that of the family. We read unique and insightful analogies in Tricia’s comparison of the maintenance of families to that of automobiles and Lisa’s comparison of Legos to the process of building strong families.

The contributions of families are not limited to a woman’s husband and children, of course. Emily talks about the essential role siblings can play in our lives, and Kaylee discusses the impactful inheritance we receive from previous generations.

Though each situation is unique and original, we hope to learn from each other as we care for our individual and irreplaceable families, and allow them to have the impactful contributing role for which they have the potential.