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As I sat watching the sun set over the Grand Canyon several weeks ago, I was in complete awe of the abundance of beauty before me. No other place is quite like the Grand Canyon, but there is beauty to be found everywhere. Even in the stark, arid landscape where I grew up, the sunsets were gorgeous, and the smell of sagebrush after a rain was as sweet as could be. In these days of mask-wearing, it is harder to see the beauty of the smiles around us, but what other gifts of abundance do you have that you can share? Perhaps words of encouragement, or love, or some time to make a socially-distanced visit — through a phone call, a text, a visit from a doorstep? Take the opportunity to share whatever abundance you have. This month Carolina extols maternal economy and Norma tells us of the abundant life of a dear friend. Shelli tells of the power of working together. Pat’s video shares the abundance Fatima finds in her life. Kim describes her great power as a mother. Ann gives us a picture of her grandmother’s life, and Michelle shares her perspective on abundance

We also hope that you will contribute to our Giving Tuesday campaign as we have a donor who will match our first $5000.00, thereby doubling your gift! We wish you all of the best as we end this year, and look forward to being with you in 2021.