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Did you know that everyday YOU are contributing to one of the most powerful forces on this earth? It’s true. Everyday within your home and community you are contributing to a very real economy that makes BIG things happen by small and simple means. 

The maternal economy is a highly intuitive and organic economy based on the broad life-giving work largely led by women, mothers, and families all over the world. It not only perpetuates very real growth and development, but it also fuels our hearts and souls to press forward during times when other economies may fail.

As Big Ocean Women, we are all about unearthing this powerful system and highlighting its remarkable capacity to lift and bind our human family together. Although this system is as ancient as time itself, the legitimization of this economy today is anything but ordinary. It’s revolutionary!

You possess special gifts, skills, insights and talents which you have developed throughout your lifetime. Some of these gifts have been acquired through your own personal challenges and setbacks, some you have learned from the generosity of others. The reality is that as you abundantly offer your nurturing gifts to others, you are contributing to one of the most inspiring and remarkable movements this world has ever seen. Wherever there is a need, somewhere in our broad network there is a way to fill that need in a practical and seamless way. When our currency is love, and our transactions are oriented around service, we bind our hearts together in unity, and this is the bedrock of genuine social and economic sustainability. Truly there is no greater wealth than this! 

In preparation for Giving Tuesday on December 1st, we will be launching a series of informative pieces all about the maternal economy, and how you can get involved!  We hope you’ll stay tuned for clear ways you can add your generosity to the movement. We simply can’t do it without you!

Carolina Allen

Big Ocean Founder