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Currents February 2020

January 30, 2020

The focus of Big Ocean Women’s discussion for February is that we are each unique and innately worthy of respect. In articles, photos, and a video, Ann, Norma, and Shelli show us great examples of the Provo Cottage working together with other organizations, churches, the community, and families “crossing borders, erasing barriers, seeing beyond differences and into hearts” helping new refugees from Afghanistan recently immigrated to Utah, sending warmth and love to people who had been affected by the fires in Paradise, California, as well as  other humanitarian needs. Grace Garn, who had a leading role in those efforts, also discusses how she found here a place to grow in service and understanding and her hope that other women of all ages and experience will jump into Big Ocean as well. Dayo’s touching thoughts on what is in a woman’s heart as recorded by Pat and Shelli’s reflection on the pinning and unpinning of generations and family connections help us to recognize that we all have memories and experiences that have helped to shape us. Aleisha gives another perspective on the possibilities entangled in the movement to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in the United States. We’re also pleased to introduce one of our new board members, Michelle Meline who is a light of positivity to those around her.

We hope you are inspired to lift where you are, and you will share the messages that touch you, participate in our challenge, and even volunteer if you feel so inclined. We are a vast ocean of women involved in making the world a better place, and your wave or drop is valuable.