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Currents January 2020

December 27, 2019

Welcome to Currents, a new feature to encourage your engagement in the work and worth of Big Ocean. This month we focus on being women of faith and what that may look like. Shelli shares her poetic gift with words using a stack of blankets at an art exhibit while Aleisha highlights the power of prayer using scientific evidence pointing to how it benefits our brains. Dip your toes in the local current featuring the service and longevity of the Salt Lake Valley Cottage. Explore two global currents with us as well:  Haro in Sweden, advocates for mothers’ choice to nurture their children at home, and Dayo’s vibrant take on faith, which Pat captures in a video and transcription of her eloquent words. In addition, to educate you on the current movement to pass the Equal Rights Amendment in the United States, Lisa compiles a simple and unbiased history of the legislation with a map showing its current status. In a separate article, she reaches into her heart to share how her love of God informs her love and actions toward her neighbors, especially her family. Don’t overlook the carefully constructed memes and graphics created by Amanda Fisher and Julie Babcock that emphasize our faith tenet and how to apply it daily. Finally, meet one of our new board members who is a wave of goodness.

To fuel the momentum of these currents, we need you. Please read, ponder and comment, then share via email or social media. These are simple ways to add your drop to our ocean of goodness. Please, be part of these powerful currents.