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Currents January 2022

December 27, 2021

January, the month named for the Roman god of beginnings, transitions, passages, and endings has us traditionally looking back in reflection and forward in hope. When we look back we can see the incredible obstacles that have been overcome, the relationships we have built, the good we have done, and also identify where we have room for improvement. With some introspection and self-evaluation we can all find areas that could use improvement in our lives, but we also need to be careful to be honest in our expectations and kind to ourselves. Focusing on what is most important and what small changes can be made to move toward long-term goals can help us to set manageable steps and expectations. Therefore, it is important to first know what is truly most important, and then make sure that our actions line up with what we determine that is.

For me, and for many women, faith is at the top of the list of what is really most important. Here, in this first month of a fresh, new year, take a few moments to focus on what it means to you to be a woman of faith. Perhaps you will find some inspiration in the articles for this month’s newsletter. Three of my dear friends from different times of my life shared with me how their faith has given them strength. Lyn discussed the importance of faith in finding the good in life. Norma wrote about finding the faith to trust in God’s timing. Shelli remembered a conversation that helped her grow in understanding of her own faith as she made a connection with someone else in an unlikely place. We also have a report on the Houston Cottage and some of the good work that these women of faith have been doing.

We hope that you will continue to find inspiration from the thoughts that we share in our newsletter and that you will find ways to grow in your faith as you serve those in your sphere of influence in this new year.