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Category: Big Ocean Women Serve

Houston Cottage – Serving in Sweet and Personal Ways

December 27, 2021

The Houston cottage understands and promotes individual worth, especially the worth of girls and women.  This past year the cottage, led by Nikki Brown, has served in very sweet and personal ways.

Families transitioning out of homelessness have many challenges.  Working with a local non-profit organization, the Houston cottage members prepared and delivered meals for three weeks to these families.  

Many refugees from Afghanistan are now living in the Houston area.  To help these families, the Houston cottage collaborated with another local nonprofit and organized a donation drive.  They were able to collect and distribute basic cleaning supplies for these families.

And finally, the cottage participated in a service project that has never been done before.  Their vice-president, America Ririe, personally knew some women who were in prison.  Her heart went out to the families and especially the children of these inmates. She contacted the prison and asked if their cottage could do something for the children of these women.  With permission granted, the cottage members assembled and delivered Christmas stockings filled with gifts and candy to the children of the female prisoners. 

We appreciate the Houston cottage and their example as they reach out to those in need in their community. We congratulate them and thank them for making a difference in the lives of so many during the past year.  We wish them well and pray that they will be able to continue to provide friendship and peace to many women and their families in the New Year.