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Category: Abundance

Currents December 2021

November 27, 2021

Abundance of Love

Last night I bought into a big lie. As I contemplated how I might show love and gratitude to family and friends as we close out another year, I was certain I didn’t have enough to accomplish the task. Even worse, I was positive that I was not enough. I made some mental calculations on how I could stretch my time, energy, and compassion to cover my grandiose plans.

Then, I got some sleep and talked to God. I felt His love and care, knowing they are infinitely abundant. I remembered I needn’t compete for a share of His gifts; they will never run out. Here was my answer:  my abundance lies in trusting in Him and His abundance. As I do so, my doubts and fears will become scarce as I confidently bask in my access to all He has and is. Perhaps as I share His gifts with others, they will also tap into this abundance and realize it is not the gifts we give, but the love and fearless faith that there is always more than enough to share.

If you are looking to starve scarcity and nurture abundance, you’ve come to the right place. Our authors’ insights are overflowing with ideas and examples. Lyn assures us we have an abundance of time, Emily teaches us about “enoughness,” and Shelli seeks to give her students abundant opportunities. Kaloni’s abundance formula includes keeping an eternal perspective, Lisa wisely suggests abundance may come disguised as something we didn’t want, and Michelle reminds us how we model abundance. Norma shares tips learned from a friend with an abundant heart and Wendi’s lesson illustrated by a piece of pie. To put these ideas into practice, we offer opportunities to show gratitude for your abundance to assist others in need. Check out Giving Tuesday, the Penny Plan, and efforts to assist refugees. May you feel and find the truth that no matter our outward circumstances, our internal resources of love and good desires are heaven-given and abundant.