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Living Life Abundant

November 27, 2021

When I consider the tenet this month, “We foster a unique and positive culture of abundance”, I can’t help but think of what living an abundant life, abundance with God, and living life abundant with those I love is like. Abundance is to have a fullness. But, what is having a full or fulfilled life?

Reflecting on fulfillment in my human experience, I think of all life’s victories and successes. I think of my relationships with family and friends, I look at my passion for my career, and I reflect on the many moments of pure joy I feel. I often call this life’s abundance; my zest of life. 

When living in an imperfect world, how do we live an abundant life? 

While attending church over the summer, God’s love filled my heart as I started attending a new Sunday school class. The instructor spoke in simple terms making it easy for me to understand God’s word and helping the fire of testimony in me to burn for Christ all over again. God’s love healed my brokenness and pain. He calmed my storms and comforted my troubled spirit. Only once my heart had healed from life’s heartaches did I notice this young, single, new Sunday School Instructor happened to be very attractive. God healed my heart and blessed me beyond expectation. 

My relationship with God is one of complete trust. I have a surety that He will always see me through. God’s love is unconditional. Even in my lack, for Him, I am enough. That has filled me with a joy beyond what I can describe. I have a hope in Him, desire to always walk this life with Him, and a willingness to embrace His Plan. 

My relationship with Justin, that attractive young instructor, is one of abundance. His love for God inspires me to count my blessings daily. His testimony teaches me, 

Abundance with God in our lives not only means a quality of life but quality of spirit. If God is truly part of our lives, we are humble enough to realize our potential. God opens countless doors for those who faithfully serve Him.

Service is very important to me. As I have struggled, my life has been blessed by the service of others. When I have served, I’ve been blessed twice over. Our good works truly fill the world with goodness. 

And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.” -2 Cor.9:8

I believe the formula for an abundant life is one of service, humility, gratitude, and keeping hope with an eternal perspective. I’m blessed that God is ever mindful of me and my needs. I’m grateful for my husband-to-be, who’s optimism for our future fills my heart with joy. My heart runneth over with an abundance of love.