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Category: Impact

Currents November 2021

October 30, 2021

A woman in my former neighborhood simply amazes me. She sees a need in the community, and she does something about it. When I first met her, I didn’t understand her reasoning; I thought she must be trying to stir up trouble. But later I began to understand. Her main goal is to build understanding between groups with differing points of view and unite them in a mutual cause. She is truly a model of powerful impact.

In this month’s issue, we will read of several others who are making a powerful impact, each in her own way. Shelli shares a remarkable story of a woman trying to help reverse a problem of decaying coral reefs, in her own unique way. A guest author, Ellen King, shares a recent experience of a simple act of kindness and the huge ripple effect it created. Michelle reminds us of the importance of being that person who makes an impact. Lisa relates her recent people-watching observations to the importance of our interactions and relationships with others. Ann and Norma share the heartbreaking status of the cottages in other areas of the world, along with their amazing endurance and the hope they are trying to create. And Norma tells us about her “firecracker” of a friend who was taught to do good and has taken that lesson to heart. This month we’re also sharing a recipe for Amish friendship bread as a reminder that small things can have a far-reaching impact.