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Category: Free to Choose

Currents July 2024

June 28, 2024

As a junior high school student, I participated in a musical, “It Begins with Balloons.” It was all about choices and responsibility–the same theme as this month’s Big Ocean Women tenet:

We are free to choose, and willingly accept responsibility for our choices. 

Many years beyond junior high, I daily have the opportunity and responsibility to exercise my freedom to choose. In general, I don’t struggle to avoid choices that are outright wrong, unkind, or dangerous. However, often the most challenging aspect of my freedom to choose comes from picking the best option from several that could be categorized as good, better, or best. I find this particularly crucial in determining how to spend my limited time, resources, and attention. 

The lyrics from one of the songs* in that musical are filed in the backroom storage of my brain. When I retrieved some of them, I found them true and useful:

A choice and joyous life, 
A life of choice, not chance, is yours,
If all your choices lift you to a lofty height.
You’re free, you’re free to choose,
The future’s in your hands.
You’re free to fill your life with joy,
With love, with truth, and light.

*A Choice and Joyous Life - Lyrics by R. Paul Thompson and Joyce Evans, Music by R. Paul Thompson

So, how can we make choices that lift us higher and fill our lives with joy? By listening to our internal compass, trusted friends, and voices from other reputable sources. I found during an election cycle in my country, I needed to read and listen to a variety of media to find balance and truth. Once you feel informed and your heart tells you this is the path to take, boldly get on that path. In most cases, you will feel reassured as your journey progresses that you chose wisely. In those cases when you find you were mistaken, be just as bold in taking responsibility for a poor choice, backing up, and getting back on track. 

This month our authors have more ideas for leading a choice and joyous life. Lisa found a “sweet” lesson on choosing to be committed, new author Bethanie describes the difficult choice to pursue having children despite severe health challenges, and Emily reviews one of our Currents podcasts with ideas for teaching children self-government. Elle shares inspiration and examples in an interview with our Board Chair, Maren Butcher, and Shelli eloquently highlights thoughts on examining our choices–woven with meanderings and monarch butterflies.