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Currents June 2020

May 29, 2020

Over the years, I have gained a better appreciation for Father’s Day. I believe that it’s a reminder that good men and fathers are important, and that fatherhood deserves to be honored. I have come to appreciate the examples of good fathers in my life: a beloved uncle, my husband, sons-in-law, nephews, and friends’ fathers. I love hearing people talk about their fathers’ profound impact. I am grateful to men who become father figures to those who need it. We as women have a great opportunity to build up and support fathers and father figures and acknowledge the force for good that they can be.

In this issue, Shelli shares thoughts on what it means to be a “boy mom” and the responsibility that comes with that role. Camilla talks about her dad becoming a great father, despite not having a good example to follow. Rebekah tells a sweet story about her dad expanding his role as a grandfather to incorporate doing the things his late wife used to do for the family. Pat’s video about fathers as superheroes will warm your heart, as will the short video about the recipients of our Giving Tuesday drive. We also get to hear from Norma about the St. George cottage and how they’re managing to serve in spite of social distancing restrictions. Lisa introduces us to Rebekah, a new member of our Big Ocean Women committee who wrote or contributed to a couple of this month’s articles. And Norma and Rebekah tell of the great legacy of Sandra Ahlquist, who has influenced pre-school children and their families for forty years.