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Category: Feminists for Fathers

Currents June 2022

June 1, 2022

This month’s tenet focuses on the irreplaceable role of fathers as well as building interdependent relationships with the men in our lives. I am touched not only by the gift of physical life made possible by my biological father, but his hard work to provide a living for our family. He and many others gave me love, guidance, and confidence to pursue my dreams and ambitions.

Recently, a couple from the community where I grew up were honored as the longest-married couple in our state. Allen and Evelyn Frandsen, whose daughter-in-law, Pat, served as our gifted videographer at Big Ocean Women, is that couple, now married for 80 years and counting. You can read their story and see a video here, but the lesson they taught me most powerfully, through my personal interactions with them as well as their example, apply to any relationship between men and women. In essence, it is that Allen always did everything he could to make Evelyn happy, and she returned the favor. That selfless and protective love symbolizes to me the epitome of interdependent relationships between the sexes.

Our authors shared their insights, perspectives, and experiences as well. New author, Tricia, salutes men who step up to father the fatherless and the father-starved, Paige reminisces about making memories and enjoying ice cream with her father, and Michelle recalls a traumatic experience that showcased her dad’s gentle support and strength. Shelli likens the links of generations to the roots of trees, Emily uses Disney’s Encanto to detail the impact of husbands and fathers, and Norma shares the power of praying for Dad. Kaloni talks of the power of the three most important men in her life, and Lisa reports on Big Ocean Women’s father-like efforts to guide, protect, and provide for God’s children across the globe. May we all take steps, regardless of our personal circumstances, to do the same, beginning within the walls of our own homes.