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The power of three is significant.Throughout history its significance led many to believe three was the “magic number.” In ancient Greece, three was the “perfect number,” the “number of harmony, wisdom and understanding” (Opera, W.N.).

The last few months, I’ve seen the irreplaceable value of three special men in my life. My husband, my father, and my Father in Heaven. The Google Dictionary defines interdependent relationships as the dependence of two or more people or things on each other. My relationships with these three wonderful men are unique, personal, and irreplaceable. 

I’ve recently married the man of my dreams. Through our trials from the car accident explained last month in “Finding Strength to Live” and my continued healing process, I have felt like a burden in my new marriage. The financial burden of medical bills and constant prescriptions, the burden of exhaustion as I get tired and sore so quickly, the burden of not being whole as I look at my broken and injured body. Yet, my darling husband has stood at my side like a light in my darkness. He tenderly cares for me by rubbing medicine on my surgery scars at night before bed so my raw skin doesn’t hurt while I sleep. He ran me a warm bath and put healing bubbles in it on a night I was particularly suffering. These are just two examples of how my husband shows me love while caring for me in this challenge. He does not view me as a burden and often asks me how he can help me not see myself as such. I’m truly blessed for this good man in my life. I look forward to many years of growing with my Superman, my forever love. 

My Daddy is and always will be my hero. Last year, I shared about the special bond I have with my father in my article “He is the Legend, I am his Legacy.”  I was born on his birthday and have always been treated as a precious and beloved daughter. The night of the accident, right after we were hit, my dad asked if we were okay. I said, “I hurt Daddy, I hurt.” This incredible father of mine, got out of the car, with all his injuries, to look in the back seat and check that I was okay. Then knowing I wasn’t, he stood at the door beside me until they put me on the stretcher to take me away. While scared and in critical condition, being taken to a hospital, my father rode beside me in the ambulance to help comfort me. He took time out of his busy life to come sit with me at the hospital. When I was released, he took it upon himself to make sure I was taken care of at home. He turned his office into a makeshift recovery room. He set alarms for all my medication schedules and often sat with me in the middle of the night when I’d have nightmares and not be able to sleep. He helped me practice walking every day; he’d push me to not give up. I went from walking with a walker to a cane, then to only needing his arm, to being able to stand on my own. I got to dance with my Dad and I was able to walk up my aisle to marry my sweetheart because my father took such good care of me.

I have such a strong faith in the reality of God. I wrote a few months ago about the abundance a relationship with God gives (Living Life Abundant). I said, “My relationship with God is one of complete trust. I have a surety that He will always see me through.” I wholeheartedly still believe this as its truth has made manifest in my life over the last months.  His immense love for mankind is fatherly. I call Him, with reverence, humility, and respect, my Heavenly Father. I know He watched over me that night. I know He heard my prayers to live and I know He heard the prayers on my behalf. I have seen His tender mercies and felt the loving embrace of His spirit when I feel like giving up. I feel His peace every morning when I watch the sun rise and feel gratitude to be here for another day. Having a relationship with deity is tender. I know my Father in Heaven knows me personally. I know He is aware of my challenges; He’s also aware of my successes. He weeps with me for the hard times and cheers with me for the good ones. 

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