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This month we honor and celebrate that often women find great strength and synergy in partnership with men.

 “We value the irreplaceable role of fathers and build interdependent relationships with men.”

Recently I attended a retreat at a lodge in a Utah, USA canyon. Outside the giant windows was a beautiful pond, and I watched each day as a mother and father swan tended vigilantly to their nest of eggs. Even during a pounding rainstorm, both birds nestled side by side, protecting their unhatched cygnets (the fancy word for baby swans). There doesn’t seem to be anything fancy about that partnership amidst the mud and sticks and rain, but our authors’ varied reflections this month show the true nobility of intentional men and fathers.

Katrina Hubbard teaches about the unique bond between father and children that is fostered by rough and tumble connections. Shelli paints a poetic picture of observing a juniper tree and an apricot tree and the beautiful intertwining roles of men and women. Elle shares, as a new author, how three “forgotten protectors” are remembered in her life. Kaylee connects some lessons learned from trading roles of homemaker and breadwinner with her husband. Katrina Hough offers the perspective of a young mother learning about when a child turns to a mother and when a child turns to a father and why both are essential. Norma complements that perspective by reflecting on “those who have completed their turn on earth” and the interdependence of husband and wife that enthrone family as the seminal gift we leave for the next generation.

How might these pieces awaken your mind and heart and invite you to live more deeply in tandem with the men in your life?