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Currents March 2020

March 3, 2020

This month’s tenet, “We work in partnership with our global sisters to create generative solutions,” can
seem a bit overwhelming at first glance. But our authors show how women can start small and make a
difference. Our new author, Rebekah Pierce, introduces us to the Stella H. Oaks foundation which gives
scholarships to single mothers. Norma tells of the Houston Cottage event held to help families
understand the dangers associated with screen time and present them with resources to create their
own tech plan. Aleisha, with contributions from Marin Bryce, summarizes presentations by Dr. Valerie
Hudson and Sharon Eubank
who spoke on the far-reaching impact of how women are treated in
different cultures and countries. Shelli introduces us to Leslie Grossman from George Washington
University and her thoughts on moving from networking to developing actual relationships in order to
help each other rather than just compete with each other. Lisa explains the Commission on the Status of
Women (CSW) meetings held annually at the UN and shares her experiences attending these meetings.
Pat brings us another dose of Dayo’s wisdom and introduces us to Fernanda Böhme, who, along with her
sister Vivien, started the company Böhme. And Shelli shares a valuable lesson about the value friendship
and support that she learned during an “easy” hike. All these examples are women who had something
that mattered to them and found a way to do something about it. Hopefully we can do the same and
start making a difference in our little corner of the world.
Editor’s note: The Meet Big Ocean article features Kathy Stimpson who makes a difference in the world
by spreading kindness.