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Category: Feminine Nature

Currents May 2023

April 29, 2023

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

Abraham Lincoln

This quote has long been a favorite of mine. I appreciate the sacrifices that my mother made in raising me and the struggles she faced on her own with her strong-willed, though very different, daughters. When I became a mother myself, I really started to understand and appreciate her more. Because I know that the lived experiences of motherhood and womanhood vary through cultures and individual trials and advantages, I love the definition of motherhood we espouse as Big Ocean Women: “We believe that every woman who has the best interest of the rising generation at heart, and willingly gives of herself to nourish and protect the rising generation, is a mother.” Some of the most inspiring mothers I know never bore children of their own, but their use of their natural gifts and inclinations, determination, and willingness to sacrifice is the same as mothers who do rearrange their bodies and lives to bring children into the world.

The female body is incredible in its ability to create and connect. At one point, my womb held not only my daughter, but the genetic material she would one day contribute to her children. As Kaylee has described, there is an innate ability women have to be aware of the needs and feelings of others and then do the work to be able to help them. Similarly, Emily explained the power that we each have to help prepare minds to learn, even if it takes more than one teacher or witness. Shelli has shared beautiful insights on the creative power within us all.

Women are naturally social creatures. Whether we are more comfortable with having friends that care from a distance or we’re the type that need physical interaction daily, there is power that comes from connection that motivates us to be better. We need each other. Big Ocean WAVEs are empowering women to see their divine purpose and abilities. If you are able, start a WAVE and lead out. If you are near an existing WAVE, join in. If you are just getting your feet wet or find that you need to participate from a distance, we have the Virtual WAVE that meets monthly via Zoom where you can discuss the monthly tenet and be inspired. For our newsletter this month, Ann has highlighted some parts of our April Virtual WAVE where Carolina shared some very important ideas and information.