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Faith is the Great Firewall

December 30, 2020

With today’s modern society and all of the creative mind-blowing technology that we have at our fingertips, it’s often easy to miss those things which are plain and precious because they seem too simple.  There are assets and treasures which we cannot feel with our fingertips and that we can’t actually see with our physical eyes.  Yet, somehow, we know that they are present in our lives. These treasures are called intangible assets.  Faith, I believe falls, into this category.  

In the tech world, when you want to protect something that is precious, you build what’s called a firewall. This firewall is an added line of defense used to safeguard and protect the information or the precious treasure that you do not wish to be harmed in any way.  

I would like to compare faith to such a tool. The world is in such a transitional state right now.  Many people have lost loved ones, businesses, and livelihoods due to the pandemic.   I feel it has caused great hardship among all of us.  

Every day as we step foot out of our homes it feels as if there’s a sign flashing above our head that says caveat emptor! 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the fabulous intangible asset known as faith. What would happen if we utilized and learned about faith?  You see, with intangible assets;  no one can take those from you because they aren’t created in a factory or on an assembly line.  You don’t ever lose them unless you give them away by your own choice.  

When you plant a seed in a garden, that seed has no idea what the weather is like outside of it!  It doesn’t even know what the minerals are in the soil it’s been planted in.  It is blind to those things.   It doesn’t rely on outside or external sources to stimulate its growth! There is an internal process, something already intricately designed.  A process that’s built right into the fabric of the very DNA that comprises the seed’s physical shell.  What happens inside the seed is nothing short of a faith-based miracle. 

Like the firewall in a technological system, faith has been built and planted within, just like a seed.  Its purpose is to protect and preserve something incredible and of great worth.  

If I may be so bold, I would say that we are the precious incredible something that is worth protecting and preserving.  Our creator, God, in infinite wisdom thought of this already and blessed us with the firewall of faith.  

The next time an outside source tries to permeate our peace, remember that our inner treasure can be protected and preserved by accessing and using the firewall called faith. 

On a greater scale, when one individual is protected and preserved, other individuals can be as well.  As a bonus, faith is available to everyone.  Faith may be unseen, but the effects are both seen and felt.  What a winning combination!  Faith is the seeded firewall that has us covered no matter our external circumstances.  We can be the great firewall that stands firm in the world.  Wherever we’ve been planted, let us move forward with faith in all that we do!