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Carolina Allen shared the following on her Facebook page:

The conversations are probably kept in whispers and glances. How do you hold back the wave of panic that must be ever ready to surface? What can these parents and families possibly say to their children to bring a morsel of comfort? How do you hide your own distress and uncertainty from your children in such a time? Do you lie? Do you distract? How can you plan for your future? Who do you talk to? When do you talk?

Fathers and mothers must lay awake at night reviewing plans of uncertainty, negotiating endless variables, all of them harrowing. All of it must weigh so heavy.

It’s a strange thing to see the actual evidence of our world unraveling on the news. It’s one wave of crisis and disaster after another. It’s impossible not to feel the emotional whiplash. And when the events aren’t directly in our own backyards, it’s stranger still because the pain and sadness isn’t any more real. But the guilt that we sleep more easily than they (and so many around the world), that’s a strange sensation. It’s a kind of faded pain, a ghostly pain. But a pain all the same. I can’t shake the feeling that we are but bystanders for now, yes, with and our lives still moving, but I know somewhere deep inside that watching how these families survive, is a lesson I should pay close attention to.

For now, all I can do is pray for you. My heart is broken for you, Ukraine. My heart is aching for you mothers and fathers, as you grapple in creating a small safe space for your tender children.🙏🏽

Since posting this, Carolina and other Big Ocean Women leadership have been in contact with some friends in Ukraine and have identified ways we can help, especially with our friend who runs a women and children shelter. At 1:50 AM MST a prayer vigil and Zoom meeting will be held where people can gather to pray together, share information, hear from our friends in Ukraine, and be inspired to donate. If you are local to Utah, gather in the Garden Room at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, UT. If not, join virtually via Zoom The strange time is because this is when our friends in Ukraine expect to have their short window of electricity and internet available.

Even if you cannot join in the meeting, or it has passed before you read this, please continue to pray for the people in Ukraine, and consider donating.

*Update from Zoom meeting: Please share the donation link on your social media and use this hashtag: #safeharborukraine

Please share prayers, ideas, hopeful thoughts, light filled messages for our friends in Ukraine with this hashtag as well. Let them find friendship and support online to know that they are not alone.