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Penny Power

When we discuss global sisters and generative solutions, my mind immediately jumps to the needs and challenges of women in distant locations and ambitious projects that bring water to parched communities. This month, though, as I reviewed Pat’s video by our founder, Carolina Allen, my heart was turned to the power and importance of the generative solutions we create in our own homes and families. I love that she spoke of what she is teaching her children and the great power of mothers everywhere. That made me think of my own family and an experience with my grandson, Tom.

We shared the Penny Plan video with our children and grandchildren some time ago and gave them jars for collecting pennies to help these girls attend school. Soon after, Tom’s mother reported that he was confiscating all the change in their household to “help the schoolgirls.” As always, life got busy, and the jars got pushed to the back of my mind and efforts. But Tom didn’t forget. He asked when we were going to gather the money and send it to the girls. Because he is only 5, I wanted him to be involved in the process so he could see the results of our family’s efforts. So, we collected the jars and went and stood in line at the bank to have the coins counted. He charmed the others in line as he explained that we were going to send money to the schoolgirls. He loves numbers and was very happy to see the check we got in exchange for our coins. We then came home and located Nigeria on the map, found the donation page, and sent the money off. He was ecstatic.

Tom wasn’t through quite yet. Just last week he asked how many coins I’d added to the empty jar I brought home. This sounds like it just may qualify as a generative solution to help girls attend school in Nigeria and school our hearts to continually share whatever we have been blessed with to help others.

This month, learn from our authors’ insights on generative solutions. Pat’s video noted above is timeless, we share Carolina’s thoughts and the efforts of Big Ocean Women to help friends and connections in Ukraine, Lisa shares a letter from Susan Roylance, who made a difference by giving 100 children the opportunity to attend school in Cahabon, Emily tells how solutions can span generations, and Michelle notes the importance of adding grace to our efforts. Norma shares lasting lessons carved in her heart, and Ann said of efforts to provide for an orphanage in South Sudan: though Nyachangkuoth (Tai) is in Belgium getting her master’s degree, she is still leading her organization. Shelli shares how she has been blessed by friendships. Elisabeth’s insights on saving the world in simple ways came from our archives but applies today more than ever. So, bring your pennies and your power and be part of creating generative solutions.