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As a young girl I became fascinated with the stars.  One of my favorite things was to lie out on a blanket and watch the night sky.  One year while attending a summer camp, an astronomer explained where the North Star was and that before we had all this great technology, people used the stars to navigate direction.  The astronomer described the sky as an ancient compass filled with points of light that can guide us through the darkness.  

The comment about those points of light that can guide us through darkness has really stayed with me and served me well.  I offer my experiences as examples.

In times when decisions need to be made, knowing how to recognize and access points of light becomes an internal compass, a tool to find the best path through the darkness.  

Each of us has a purpose in life.  Each of us have been given talents, skills, and abilities to bring joy to ourselves and others.  These are individualized gifts meant help us succeed in our purposes in life.   

Some suggested signs that will help guide us to discover answers in an area of uncertainty may include these lighted points: 

? The flowing of abundant ideas on a particular subject that we can’t stop thinking about.  

? Goosebumps during an experience.  

? Energy and excitement toward a thought or activity.  

? Peace and calm when we visualize our future selves.  

? Inner radiance becomes a constant companion. 

These are not the only points of light.  There are others that will be unique to each individual. 

Another point of light we can use as a navigational tool is to look for synchronized events in our lives.  Reflect on moments in the past or present where this has happened. It is likely they weren’t coincidences–but perhaps, points of light meant to guide us through the darkness.   Indeed, they may be actual answers that we may not have yet recognized.  

An example of this happened to me while I was on an outing.  I was hiking in the mountains, and on the trail, there was a beautiful young girl and her mom.  We said a brief hello while passing each other.  Later on after I’d finished my hike, I found a place to eat.  When I entered the restaurant that same little girl and her mother were there.  They were discussing the menu, and the little girl was asking if she could get a shake along with her meal.  The mom agreed, but I noticed that she didn’t order a shake for herself.  I felt an internal nudge to help make someone happy, so I turned and asked mom what her favorite flavor was and commented on how beautiful the hike had been.  I asked if they had enjoyed it too, and I mentioned how neat I thought it was they were sharing the day together.  When I placed my order, I asked the server to make a strawberry shake and send it to the mom at their table.  I finished my meal and, on my way out of the restaurant, noticed the mom and the little girl were both smiling.  Mom caught my attention and held her shake glass up and mouthed the words, “thank you.”  I smiled and waved back as I walked out of the door.  

Simple? Of course, yes.  Recognizing and following lighted points and the synchronized events of that day led up to a moment of joy. Gratefully, it was shared by all of us.  

An inner compass is an essential tool.  We all have one.  It is up to us to use it!  I believe that we can become avid pros at navigating through the darkness. Should our lives cross paths, I would love to hear of your personal experiences.  Until then, wishing everyone a lighted beautiful journey.