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Spotlight: The Big Ocean Women Houston WAVE featured img
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Spotlight: The Big Ocean Women Houston WAVE

February 29, 2024

Houston, Texas is a uniquely diverse city, home to thousands of immigrants and refugees. Big Ocean Women’s Houston WAVE members have come together to serve their sisters, both locally and internationally. They are a beautiful example of global sisterhood.

Nikki Brown, who leads the Houston WAVE, explains that while she provides a space for women to come together in service, it’s the members of the WAVE and the community that have really moved the service forward. “To me,” she says, “Big Ocean Women is a forum for women to feel empowered to move their desires for good into action. We are not able to make massive waves of change alone, but if we each contribute our drop then the momentum is amplified.”

In 2023, the Houston WAVE had two major service projects: Making hygiene bags and menstrual pads for women and teens in Uganda and gathering supplies to make stockings for children of local inmates (their third annual project of this kind). In order to connect with women in Uganda, the women of the Houston WAVE partnered with a community member named Tiann Cummock, who works for a nonprofit organization that connects students and English teachers throughout the world. She visits sites and has connected with other nonprofit organizations and is incredible at supporting their needs. The Houston WAVE was able to fundraise, gather supplies, and make the feminine hygiene products, which were then delivered by Ms. Cummock to Uganda.

Eva Armindariz, a member of the Houston WAVE, describes her involvement and the impact it’s had on her and others:

I joined Big Ocean Women in 2018 to help make a small difference for the better. I love that a group of like-minded women can join together and use their talents and time to lift and create an impact small or large, near or far. We’ve had great opportunities of varying scales to serve those in our community, from providing Christmas stockings for children of local inmates and writing letters to those affected by human trafficking, to creating screen usage awareness events for hundreds of people with our local school district. We’ve also had opportunities to serve internationally by fundraising for Ukraine and providing menstruation products for girls and women in Nigeria. Big Ocean Women has allowed me another avenue to step outside of myself and look forward with an eye trained on service. I’m so grateful for it!

Jeri Wyn Mumford, who has also been involved in the Houston WAVE’s service, explains how Big Ocean Women unified a diverse group of women in their efforts to serve others:

In late 2018 a friend forwarded an email invitation to join the Big Ocean Women’s first chapter in Texas, saying, “This sounds like something up your alley.” I went, and she was right! The organization gave me a structure to serve my community with capable, willing and articulate women! Our first project was to educate ourselves and our community on screen impact on kids, schools and families, and through this experience I learned to value all contributions! Although our backgrounds, experience, and available time varied, everyone did what they could–some wrote articles, some scheduled meetings with school officials, some spread the word, some generated ideas, some researched and hired speakers, some spoke at school board meetings, some raised funds. And together our efforts proved monumental and miraculous!

Jeri Wyn also shared how the various service projects impacted her and her family, and strengthened her faith in the process:

From that first project to others—preparing Christmas stockings for children of incarcerated parents or cooking for and eating with single mothers transitioning out of homelessness—I have gained increased love for my fellow sisters, for my role as a woman, and for my family, who has often served right alongside us.    

My most memorable project was writing notes to women on their journey through and after being sexually trafficked. I remember during COVID writing 16 heart-felt, hand-written notes in my sunny backyard. As I tried to feel a connection with each person, words somehow came. I am thankful God helped me see them and gave me the words to write. Thank you, Big Ocean Women, for helping empower me through Faith, Family and Motherhood!

Big Ocean Women’s Houston WAVE has been a beautifully unifying force for good in the community. They are an inspiration in the way that they combine their unique talents in a common goal to serve women, both locally and globally.

Amy Smith, another member of the Houston WAVE, summarizes her experience with Big Ocean Women in a way that beautifully encapsulate the mission of the organization:

Being a part of Big Ocean Women has been such an awesome experience. Working together with women who have the same desire to serve in the community is such a bonding and growing opportunity. I have learned so much about how important it is to do our part, creating waves of change!