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A First Ever Pro-Family Conference In New York City During UN Annual CSW featured img
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A First Ever Pro-Family Conference In New York City During UN Annual CSW

February 29, 2024

Lead Photo: portion of mural of basic human rights inside UN building, New York, New York.

Because the United Nations annual Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) has felt less welcoming to pro-family advocates over the years, Wendy Wixom of United Families International and her organizing committee will be offering a voice to pro-family advocates at a two-day event called CSWF, Conference on the State of Women and Family. It will be open to the public and United Nations CSW attendees for FREE March 13-14, 2024, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST in New York City at the Millennium Hilton and Nigerian Mission, respectively. “Tragically, pro-family organizations have been systematically excluded from the CSW Parallel Events Forum, making it clear our voice is not welcome at the UN,” says President of United Families, Wixom. “Over the last decade, we have seen the United Nations’ leadership attempt to reduce, then remove all references to family, mother, children, and father from their documents. We are disappointed that the United Nations leadership does not recognize the irreplaceable value of the family as the cornerstone of successful development and strength to all nations. It appears the United Nations has forgotten their Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) can never be reached without the efforts of stable families. Research and history show how they are inextricably linked.”

Recognizing that the United Nations CSW draws some 5,000-6,000 participants and leaders from every country in the world, Ms. Wixom and her organizing committee from other family advocating NGOs (like Heritage Action, Center for Family and Human Rights, and Universal Peace Federation) decided to create this conference to allow pro-family issues to be discussed and heard by advocate leaders from around the world. One of these outstanding advocates for the transformational power of maternal feminism and maternal economy is our own Big Ocean Women Executive Director and Founder, Carolina Allen. “I feel so honored to be listed among the speakers at this monumental conference,” says Allen. “The United Nations is not allowing most of the world’s population to have a voice regarding their needs, hopes, and solutions. Our presentation, ‘Waves of Change’ will address this neglect and offer solutions.” According to Allen, some eighty-three percent of women from around the world are women of faith who love their families and come to the UN to find support for their ideas to fix local problems. However, they find their voices ignored. “The UN model wants to impose social policy that removes personal sovereignty. They want to tell us what to do, paint us as victims incapable of solving our issues, rather than support us as we do it,” says Allen. “Our model at Big Ocean is to use our devotion to faith, family, and motherhood to reframe the challenges facing the human family, empower women through education, self-reliance and safety, to solve their own issues, which helps their families and communities to prosper forward. It is a tested methodology that works. We have seen miracles from those using it all over the world.”

The Conference on the State of Women and Family (CSWF) welcomes all to learn from this and other knowledgeable, powerful organizations on topics such as “Irreplaceable Motherhood and Fatherhood-Deserving Support and Acknowledgement (Universal Peace Federation); “The Link Between Family Structure and Escaping Poverty, the Less Examined Solution” by United Families International; “A more just cause: Justice Demands the UN Include a Focus on the Rights of Men, Families and Parents” by Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance; and many others.

“We are thrilled with the 11 outstanding presentations that will be offered and know all attending will go away inspired and resolved to support the family and terms like mothers, fathers and children,” says Marcia Barlow, Vice President of United Families. When asked what we as everyday citizens can do to show our support of the family if we cannot attend the conference this year, Barlow stated simply, “We must as organizations and individuals do all we can to promote the irreplaceable entity of the family. Speak highly of the family unit. Love your families and value the blessing of children. Have children! Donate time and resources to pro-family organizations. Be part of your schools. Empower your children to find their voice and speak up about their love for their family. Lift where you stand. Don’t allow others to silence the value you place on being part of a family.”

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