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The Subtle Way Our Society is Built on Family featured img
Category: Family Capital

The Subtle Way Our Society is Built on Family

July 29, 2020

The role of families in our society is more subtle than we realize. When we look at the function of society, we probably focus on the setup of our government, businesses, churches, and so on. But family plays a key part in the function of society: support. 

Many people would not be where they are today without their families; whether the one they grew up in, or the one they created themselves. Family is there to support us when we go to school, experience sadness and discouragement, and along our journey to success. Family members often help others go to school or begin their own businesses.

Some people may not have grown up with the luxury of a supportive family, leading them to work to success on their own. The wonderful thing about our lives, however, is we can grow up and choose to build our own, healthy family that can support us in difficult times. 

I was blessed to have a family who I could turn to during difficult times. There were many times I was able to turn to my sisters while experiencing heartbreak or  stress, to seek advice, or just when I needed a good laugh. Because of the help of my family, I was able to earn my bachelor’s degree and be where I am today. They truly offered me a foundation in my life. 

Many government and business leaders, and other influential people in our life, reached where they are today because of their families. Some businesses would not exist without the help of a family member. 

Families may not sit in the spotlight when it comes to the success of society, but success can almost always be traced back to the support of a parent, sibling, spouse, or other family members.