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We generally think of capital as an asset something great to have, definitely desired, valued, and respected.

I wonder if we’ve ever stopped  to view our family in the same way?  Imagine what could happen in our world if we chose to really see each member of our family, the human family,  as an asset with the same type of desire, value, and respect. 

No matter where we live in the world the very foundation of every successful civilization has been and still is the family, our human family.  Each member of the family brings a new perspective, new talents, new ideas and new personality to the group. 

When we invest in these talents, perspectives, ideas and personalities as individuals and work together as a group, we can increase our overall value.  “No man is an island” is a not just a quaint saying.  We can’t make it alone.  Success is not a solo event. The bottom line is that we need each other. Diversity leads to security. 

Our return on investment depends on each member doing their best job in whatever position they hold.  There are no extra people, and every talent, skill and ability is essential. 

Abundant returns on investments require self discipline and commitment.  If our intention is to raise our global value, then we must learn and then apply self discipline.  The self discipline will be there as an added support should our internal motivation wane from time to time.  It is good to remember that every step toward a positive return counts!  We all had to learn to crawl before we could run.  Progress is the journey toward excellence every time.

When we choose to act in a responsible and respectful way we create an environment whereby growth occurs.  Often times we must exude and apply great empathy, generosity and patience. These are life skills with great value.  Most often we’ll find there isn’t a straight line to excellence and achievement.  What a relief that we can get better returns on those investments with each deposit and vested attempt.  It is our family, our human family capital,  that builds and lifts communities, economies and nations.  That goal and dream is best accomplished by investing in each other as a respected and desired valued asset.

Just imagine the shift in abundance and increased potential if we would each see the inherent value in each other!

As we head into some uncharted areas during the remainder of this pandemic and beyond, let’s not forget to be positive and encourage each other.  Individually we may not have it all; however, together we possess the ability to create and improve our current situations. Together we have the family capital to make dividend improvements possible spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically.

Our family, the family of humanity,  is a world wide asset.  Need it, want it, gotta have it every day of every year.  We are all lost without it.  Let us strive to make the choice every day to invest positively with respect and even honor in each other.

Wishing you all the best of success.  May your investments bring fruitful and abundant returns.  May love and peace be at the heart of every action and burn brightly in all of us.  May our family, the family of humanity,  prosper and achieve in excellence and goodness.  Let’s all enjoy those capital gains!