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We at Big Ocean Women believe that it is our natural birthright to possess an innate ability to discern which actions will bring about the most good for us and those within our circle. Some might call it essence, energy, highest self, or Spirit. I don’t believe the label is as important as what it means to each of us individually, as the whole idea seems universal to me. With your permission, in this article, I will call this our True Self. I believe that we are born living from this state and that it stays with us throughout our entire lifetime. Our True Self can never be damaged or broken. It is eternal. It does not need to be cultivated. It already lives within us, always. However, in the processes of life, and the difficult experiences we face; trauma, heartbreak, betrayal, loss, most things that are a part of our human experience, we lose access to our True Self in favor of the coping mechanisms we develop to navigate the rough waters of life. We do so not realizing that our choice to cope with life is clouding our True Self’s ability to shine brightly and light the way ahead. 

 How do we know when our True Self has been clouded over when our light has been dimmed? Well, it is my understanding that when we can no longer experience compassion for ourselves or others when we have lost our curiosity, calmness, creativity, courage, clarity, confidence, and connection with ourselves and others. When we have lost our playfulness, patience, persistence, presence, and perspective, we have lost access to our True Self. Suffice it to say that anything that blocks pure love, blocks access to our True Self. As I have connected with this truth, I have asked myself, “How then, do I return to my True Self?” At the time I had asked this question of God it seemed nearly impossible. But in my quest for answers, I made a wonderful discovery! A really great way to heal our ability to connect with our True Self, that divine birthright of love, compassion, curiosity, innate knowing, and wisdom is to love those parts of ourselves that feel impossible to love. By loving those difficult-to-love parts of who we are, we allow for the love and wisdom that is our divine birthright to shine through. It truly is our divine birthright to know innately what is right in a given moment. It is our divine birthright to live from a place of love, compassion, light, presence, and connection, both to God, ourselves, and others. Remember, your True Self may be hidden but it cannot be broken or damaged. Your True Self is eternal. That makes you an eternal being! Blessings to you and love from Payson, Utah! 

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash