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Category: Internal Compass

Your Voice, Your Place

September 30, 2022

Have you ever been happily surprised when finding out that two people you know from very different parts of your life know each other? It’s like another layer applies itself to the bond you share with those people! What if there existed a really advanced technology that allowed us to see those types of connections visually somehow. Suddenly you could see that the stranger next to you on the plane actually knew your friend’s roommate from 10 years ago. To see how our path through life overlapped with everyone around us would be incredible! The amazing thing we would find is that our bonds would be as unique as our fingerprints. Only you have your exact sphere of influence! 

Not only are we unique in our connections, we are just innately… different. Different perspectives, opinions, passions and preferences. We need those differences in the same way our body needs different nutrients to sustain us! We need the differences of individuals and groups in order to create even the possibility of reaching balance. That being said, I hope you can see that each individual voice that shares a perspective, opinion, passion or preference is important… including yours! 

When I think of individuals who speak up and share, my mind most readily goes to social media and influencers. Those individuals and their posts are seen by thousands a day and their reach is vast. I’ve seen an influencer rally her followers and donate over a million dollars in just days to help with a medical debt forgiveness program right after the pandemic. They helped thousands! I’ve seen many speak up loudly against child sex trafficking and bring awareness to this topic that is uncomfortable but real. I’ve seen so much good come from those who use their platform to speak up in a way that works beautifully for them. But… What if that isn’t your voice?

Another kind of voice that I admire greatly are the moms and dads out there who are working diligently and tirelessly on raising the next generation. Daily they forge ahead in teaching, sharing and speaking up to those within the walls of their own home. A thankless position, yet they press forward in trying to raise kids who use their own voices for good. But maybe that isn’t your voice either. 

There are authors and bloggers who are less of the lime-light dwellers, yet their reach can be just as far and wide. By design, their voice is well-researched and a lot of forethought and preparation are put into what they share. They’ve collaborated with editors and publishers to really hone in on the voice they share. Musicians, poets, teachers and educators. Motivational speakers and authors, political voices, religious voices, medical voices. The list goes on and on and obviously many people occupy multiple spaces of sharing, but what about you? Consider your voice… I invite us to reflect on the following questions:

Is there something I feel called to speak up about? 

Where is my voice needed? 

What have I used my voice for in the past? 

What is the overall feel of my social media posts, and is that what I want to cultivate?

Do I stand up for my passions and beliefs?

What is the next step I can take to be better at speaking where or how I’m needed most?

Be honest in your reflections, because remember, each voice is needed. You are the only one with your sphere of influence! Speak up. We’re ready to listen. 

Images by Gerd Altmann