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Abundance is a Verb

November 27, 2022

According to Webster’s dictionary, abundance is the possession of a very large quantity of something. It is also associated with copious, plentiful, and prosperity.  We love all of these things don’t we?  They are some of our very favorite words, and I don’t think any of us would say, “No, I don’t think I could possibly take another minute of more abundance.”  Well, in my adventure to discover more about our tenet this month, I stumbled across a little less known fact.  In some ancient wisdom, I found out the origin of this word is Middle English and has Latin origins.  The Latin original word is abundantia, and guess what is even more interesting? Adundantia is actually a verb and has the meaning of overflowing.  

We know from our language courses that a noun is a person, place, or thing and that verbs are action words that require us to do something.  

In our organization, Big Ocean Women, we strive to create positive environments so that abundance can occur. We are grateful for efforts all over from our global membership, and we are seeing amazing miracles taking place because of the actions of our community WAVEs and women who are willing to be creators!  

Dulcious Ex Asperis, sweetness after difficulty, is a strength, and it’s magnified in abundance all the way through time in womanhood! We may even associate this with the process of giving birth to an idea or a business and most certainly our families! 

This type of abundance comes from energy waiting to be shaped and molded into something more.  It’s alive and vital and vibrant and produces that which is overflowing in all areas that it touches.  As a torch leading the way through the dark this attribute warms and lights. Absolutely this process starts from making vision boards and wish lists and goals and following through on those concepts with positive and consistent effort. In order to achieve this step we must be prepared and ready for anything: In Omnia Paratus is the ancient definition.  Women possess this ability in overflowing ways as we often find ourselves wearing many hats and rolling with the swiftness of changing events and environments. 

Quid diende factum est?  What happens next? This will be decided by our choice in viewing abundance as a noun, or by choosing the more engaging and intriguing role of its original intent as a verb.  

Three steps to abundance that we can choose to follow include the following. 

❤️ Awareness ~ Noticing of a need and allowing our individual talents, skills, and abilities to make room to create 

❤️ Releasing of negative thoughts and feelings such as fear, competition, and comparison 

❤️ Redirecting our intent toward positive and consistent nurturing of the resolution 

With  this month being the last of this year,  it’s a great opportunity to wrap it up and come in with a strong finish! I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have putting a little Latin to good use. Whether we are in high heels, sandals,  or even our bare feet it is such an honor to serve with you at this time,  in this place, and with love! 

Thank you all for shining and for your beautiful contributions to create a more abundant environment. May you all have an abundant month overflowing with joy!  Carpe Vitae!