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Like most girls, I grew up learning of powerfully impactful women in school –  women like Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, and Malala Yousafzai. They achieved things that seemed completely unattainable to me. As a young girl, I resigned myself to a life that would leave only a small impact.

Thankfully it didn’t take long for me to notice the powerful impact of those around me. I found mentors in school teachers, music instructors, family members, community leaders, and friends. Each one left her mark on my life in a way that would forever stay with me, teaching me that while I may not achieve historical greatness, my impact on this world as a woman can indeed be powerful.

We are privileged to hear the perspectives of our talented authors as they speak on this month’s tenet: We believe in the model of powerful impact. Melanie gives us an example of how a mentor from her youth left a lasting impact on her life that she chooses to emulate, and Ann tells us of three impactful women starting and/or running different charity foundations. Shelli and Paige provide insight and lessons learned from potentially unexpected sources – chickens and honeybees. Lisa teaches us the importance of learning and understanding before casting judgment, and Tricia describes how loving yourself can help you love those around you.

We also are grateful to get to know Paige, a writer for Big Ocean Women, and Bella, the Cottage Leader in Uganda.