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Category: Abundance

Currents December 2023

November 30, 2023

Abundance usually brings to mind a very large quantity–something we can count, measure, or calculate. In one sense of the word, that is correct, but as Big Ocean Women we foster a positive culture of abundance, which is a vastly different concept. “We recognize that our Creator’s love is bounteous and infinite. When we internalize this understanding, we generate a positive culture of internal abundance …  [which] helps us focus on gratitude and what we have, rather than what we lack.” (

This internal abundance is manifested by a positive response to any challenge or problem and a determination to overcome feelings of scarcity fueled by fear and doubt. Here is a brief excerpt of a dear friend’s abundant response to an accident and surgery; 

As a woman of faith I try to be aware of the many blessings, often tender mercies, that mitigate the difficulties of a situation. I am sharing this experience to express my gratitude and perhaps help others to look for the tender mercies in their lives.

I had unplanned experiences that have touched my heart. Mexico has uneven sidewalks, stairs and streets which is a challenge for me and my MS balance issues. In a split-second misstep I had a bad tumble. … The challenge was three major breaks in my foot and ankle that would require surgery. The blessings were the potential injuries that didn’t happen, the extremely kind and professional medical staff, the staff setting up surgery with a specialist in a nearby city and medical center, and that I had a credit card that could pay for all the medical needs. (Sharon Evans on Facebook.) 

This month our authors examine the culture of internal abundance from various perspectives. Lisa suggests we have abundant opportunities to learn and serve, and Kaylee compares the abundance of combining small efforts to dominos and roses. Norma sees abundance in rejoicing over new beginnings, Katrina discovers how minimizing possessions can lead to more abundant peace, and Shelli finds joy and abundance in a perfect pile of puppies. 

We invite you to tune in, look within, and find this positive culture of abundance.