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Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

– Mother Teresa 

Mother Teresa’s formula for changing the world is a perfect fit for our March tenet: “We work in partnership with our global sisters to create generative solutions.” I suggest that our Big Ocean Women organization IS a generative solution that began by doing small things with great love. Our founder, Carolina Allen, explains the importance of our being involved at the UN now and describes attending the UN Commission of the Status of Women (CSW) in 2014 as one concerned mother looking for a women’s organization that shared her ideas about maternal feminism. This small beginning led to founding Big Ocean Women nonprofit which in turn lifts and trains like-minded women around the globe. This is a great thing. 

Margo announces another great thing born through the loving efforts of many: this year’s first ever pro-family conference in NYC during CSW. The Conference on the State of Women and Family (CSWF) is a free parallel event for delegates and the general public. Big Ocean Women has partnered with Hope Arising in our “Waves of Change” presentation promoting our WAVE model for local action and how women joined together can engage in small but mighty solutions for self reliance. 

More March articles: Katrina’s spotlight on the Houston WAVE demonstrates how combining the efforts of women with diverse backgrounds and availability can produce monumental impact, and the ”WAVES of Thanks” video offers a sample with careful detail of the great things we have done with small amounts of money and great love. Jenny’s friend compares our global sisterhood to an anchor in the hurricane of life, and the impact of a mother across the world who fed Shelli’s son led her to keep believing we can change the world through small and simple interactions. 

We invite you to ask yourself what small everyday things you can do close to home with great love. This too is a great thing